NWDB Tooltip Syndication

You can use this to implement NWDB tooltips for links on your website. Example: Infused Focus Potion

Usage Instructions

  • Add the tooltip script in the <head></head> section of your website.
    <script async src="https://nwdb.info/embed.js"></script>
  • Links to NWDB on your site and it will automatically have a popup.
    <a href="https://nwdb.info/db/item/potionfocust4">Infused Focus Potion</a>

Optional Config

Place the config before the tooltip script.

    var nwdbConfig = {
        scale: 1,
        delay: 100

scale - default 0.85 - Used to change the size/scale of the tooltip.

delay - default 150 - Time in milliseconds to wait on hover before attempting to show a tooltip. A higher than zero value is recommended to prevent wasting people's resources when they just move the mouse around.

Terms of Usage

There's no guarantees offered in terms of the accuracy/availability for tooltip syndication.

You are granted a license to use the content, as is, solely through the original tooltip syndication script/instructions. This does not grant you a license to do whatever you want :)